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About me

After studying to become a pharmacist, I was drawn to the creative side of life in 2004 and began professional photography. My focus is on high-quality portraiture, product photography and advertising photography, but also photo-realistic montages and composings – with a penchant for attention to detail. As a photography coach, I now travel internationally on tours, festivals, fairs and workshops.


I have been a professional photographer and photo designer since 2005. As a commercial photographer I work for small and medium businesses, major clients and industry. On request, we are happy to provide everything from conception and photography to digital post-production.


I like to share my knowledge and thus regularly write articles and contributions for various trade magazines, e.g. digitalPHOTO, Chip Foto Video, Pictures magazine or DOCMA.

In addition, there are already several video trainings that have been published by Rheinwerk Verlag, FRANZIS Verlag and in cooperation with Chip Foto Video, among others.


Would you like to learn from me? In my workshops and individual coaching sessions I pass on my experience to my participants. For me, the first priority is clearly to impart sound specialist knowledge. Beautiful pictures are just the icing on the cake.

Video blogger

Let’s meet in the livestream. Or take a look at my YouTube playlists. I regularly publish tutorials here on all topics related to photography, from working in the studio with lighting and image composition to camera operation and editing images. There are also interesting product presentations here again and again.


For well-known companies in the photo industry, e.g. Adobe, Sony, Sigma, EIZO or MSI, I am on the road a lot as an ambassador and influencer at various events.