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Regularly there are new video tutorials, live talks, product presentations and more on all topics related to photography. So it’s worth checking back here or on my YouTube channel regularly.

I am happy about topic requests and suggestions for my video blog, because the blog lives from the feedback of my community!

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Illumination for online training courses

Video #276

Everyone wants to market themselves online, whether in the form of webinars or streams. What is important is the content, the sound and of course your lighting. In this video, I explain how you can achieve exciting lighting in your home. Lamps used: https://www.dedoweigertfilm.de/dwf-en/products/tecpro/Felloni-3_Felloni-Turbo.php
https://www.dedoweigertfilm.de/dwf-en/brands/dedolight_overview.php (scroll down a bit)