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Individual coaching


Business photographer? Advertising photographer? Coach?

My areas of expertise.

In the field of business photography, I cover the entire spectrum from the depiction of buildings, i.e. architectural photography, to the visualization of services, processes and work situations as well as employee portraits, to professionally staged product photography. Local, national and international.

Fashion label? Model? Fashion accessories? With special portrait photos, product photos and advertising photos, but alsophoto-realistic montages and composings ,I offer the entire production workflowfrom conception to photography and digital post-production from asingle source.

Are you looking for your very own personal coach on the subject of photography? Where should we start? At a virtual session via videoconference, in my studio, on Mallorca or rather in Namibia (at the moment everything depends on the current Corona situation)? One-on-one coaching or small group photo workshop?



For all of you who already like my video blog on YouTube and always wanted more, there is now brand new my online academy full of tutorials and workshops that is constantly being filled. There it goes more in depth, with even more in-depth expertise, tips and tricks.